TearUp Events - TearDown the Adirondacks 2021 (October)

TearDown the Adirondacks 2021 (October)
Please be sure you are showing up on the list if you have reserved a site. If not you can register directly from the event page.

This is a slightly smaller gathering (50-70 people) compared to the main June event held over a three day weekend at Fish Creek Pond Campground. We usually get a group together to paddle on the Saturday and have a mid afternoon pot luck which is always a blast !

NOTE! Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we had to cancel our other two events. Hopefully this one will proceed!

Dates:  Thu Sep 30 - Sun Oct 3, 2020
Campground Site Photos:  NY State Campsite Photos (Fish Creek)
Suggest Sites:  Sites 78-128
Location:  Lake Clear, New York
Activities:  Socializing, Kayaking, Biking, Happy Hour and Campfires. Swimming is still possible for the brave soles. Hopefully Nadine will have her book library open as well!
Items to Bring:  bike, kayak, something for the Saturday night happy hour (snack plate and refreshment).
Campers Going (so far):  11

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List of All 11 Campers Going So Far (print)
Participant Name(s) Site# Dates From Equipment
Nadine Corrigan 93 Sep 29-Oct 5 Remsen, NY Yellow T@G
John and Henrietta Foster 98 Sep 28-Oct 3 Rochester NY 2016 T@B Trailer
Jim and Martha Boyce 102 Sep 30-Oct 4 Pittsford, NY T@B 320s
Ray & Stacy Finney 103 Sep 30-Oct 3 Liverpool, NY 5x10 custom trailer
Dave & Kate McGrath (Hosts) 104 Sep 30-Oct 3 Ottawa, Ontario 1976 Scotty Sportsman Reno (Cabin Cruiser)
Lawrence Knoble 109 Sep 30-Oct 5 Baldwinsville, NY 24' Lance
Douglas Smith 110 Sep 27-Oct 5 Rensselaer,NY T@G Teardrop
Ruth Erdmann 114 Sep 30-Oct 5 Fairport, New York Scotty